Linjing Peng
Shelter is an ongoing project started in 2021. It is a rehab centre where stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered goods are housed.

Shelter opposes excessive production and consumption under the promotion of consumerism. In the contemporary era, because of the economic growth, technological development and unprecedented material abundance, people pursue pleasure, over consumption, and conspicuous consumption leads to the alienation of values, which has take a toll on people’s overall happieness and mentel health. Maybe it's time to rethink our value system.

Available for adoption — email for details.

Available for adoption

A Story of The Surrendered Jeans (2021)

“I was a grey pair of jeans, I had beautiful gradients from light to dark.

One day I remember after being at the bottom of a closet for a long time, I was shoved into a giant plastic bag with so many other unwanted garments; it was dark, crowded and smelled of mixed sweat… Em, it’s all a blur now, I was terrified at that time, I thought it’s finally my turn to go the notorious landfill. Fortunately I seemed to have ended up in someone else’s place, where I met a lot of other stray garments just like me, they all seem so nice and beautiful.

The rehabilitation process was slow and painful, I got cut open and torn apart, but it was definitely worth it. I’ve finally been on someone’s body again, feeling the safety pins piercing through my fabric, that was very empowering, that’s the feeling of embracing myself to be who I want to be.

Look at me now, I am a cropped long sleeve top, I got hundreds of beautiful piercings on me, I’m feeling great to be worn again, to be loved again, and I’m feeling gorgeous and powerful on the dance floor.”

Available for adoption

A Story of Two Stray Chairs (2021)

Chair 1 - “I’ve been made into a chair, been sat on, been farted on, been stepped on. And one day, I just got abandoned on the street. All I ever wanted is just to be a rubbish bin.”

Chair 2 - “Me too”